What's the Lobby like?

In the elegant Shangri-la tradition, the dramatic and elaborate design of the lobbies is more than the usual. The hotel-like lobby at the Nieva and Perea entrance reveals a fancy courtyard that lightens up the day's mood.

An acclaimed geomancer was consulted for the creation of these interiors. The result is a landscaped garden snaking through the driveway, complemented with a water feature that soothes the eyes upon entering the lobby.

What is the difference between the low zone and the high zone?

The elegant entrance lobbies are divided into low zone (from 6th to 26th floor) and high zone (from 27th floor up to the penthouse). Each zone consists of three passenger lifts and one common service lift. This arrangement assures exclusivity and privacy for residents.

The low zone consists of two single-bedroom and six 2-bedroom units per floor.

The special high zone from the 27th to the 30th floors, has the same number of units as the low zone.

On the other hand, the high zone consists of the 31st and 42nd floors, and have four 3-bedroom units to a floor. The two penthouse floors have two 2-bedroom and two 3-bedroom units each floor. The Grand Penthouses at the 45th floor boasts of
two bi-level 4-bedroom units.

How many parking levels?

The Shang Grand Tower's parking areas are conveniently situated in 4 parking levels at the basement and 3 parking levels at the podium.

Not only does each zone have its separate lobby, it also has its own specially designed parking levels. Parking for low zone residents can be found at the basement, while high zone residents can park at the podium from the 2nd to 4th floors.

The parking areas also employ a controlled access system and is equipped with exhaust ducts and fresh air intake vents. A driver's lounge complete with paging system is also available. Drivers also have designated toilets at certain parking levels.

What are the Basic Services?

Aside from its luxurious design, spacious rooms, and other special amenities, The Shang Grand Tower offers concierge and housekeeping services assuring clean- liness and able assistance any time of the day.

Residents are provided individual mail boxes, and a water reservoir ensures uninterrupted water supply.

The building is equipped with an automatic fire alarm and water sprinklers, stand-by generators, and scissor-type pressurized fire escaped stairs.


Where is the amenities floor?

5th Floor.

What are the amenities?
  • Adult and Kiddie Swimming Pool
  • Landscaped garden with Water features
  • Locker rooms and shower rooms
  • Function Room
  • Indoor and Outdoor play area
  • Fully Equipped Gym
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sun deck
  • Steam Baths
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Children's Playground

Who designed The Shang Grand Tower?

Palmer & Turner - PT&T Architects and Engineers, Ltd. - Hongkong

Who's the local architect?

Recio + Casas Architects

Who's Structural Engineer?

Ove Arup Philippines

Who did the Landscaping?

Belt Collins International Pte, Ltd.

Who did the Interior Design?

Hospitality & Leisure Asia - Hongkong

What privileges can I get from the Shangri-La Hotel?

It's called the Shangri-La Hotel Linked Services: wherein you get to avail of the the services of the hotel: chauffeur-driven limousine, car rentals, catering services, laundry and dry cleaning services, and a lot more, right at the confines of your residences.

Is there a link, a bridge of some sort connecting The Shang Grand Tower to Makati Shangri-la Hotel?



What are the requirements?

Reservation Fee, Reservation Agreement and Buyer's Information Sheet.
Downpayment is due 30 days after reservation.
Post dated checks are required for all payment schemes.


When is the delivery/turnover of the units?

Early part of 2006.

How much is the association dues?

Approximately P70 to P75/sq.m. per month.

Who will maintain the building?

The Shang Grand Tower Condominium Corporation


Is there a Showflat/Model unit?

Model units of 2-bedroom (161 sqm.) and 3-bedroom (274 sq.m) are located at:

   The Sales Office/Model Units:

    4th Avenue corner Rizal Drive
    Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
    Metro Manila, Philippines
    (Across The Pacific Plaza Towers)

Who can we talk to?:

Ms. Susan L. Yu
    • Contact Nos. (click here)